RETI-port/scan 21

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Electrophysiological Test Unit
Pattern VEP + Pattern ERG + Flash VEP, ISCEV ERG, EOG Fast and Slow

retiport21Electrophysiological Test Unit is usable for Pattern VEP + Pattern ERG + Flash VEP, for scotopic and photopic ERG, EOG fast and slow, mf ERG Flash stimulation and mf VEP Pattern stimulation. All ISCEV standards and guidelines are included.

The biosignal amplifier includes a preamplifier near the patient. All patient data and the results are stored in a database. The biosignal and averaged curves from all channels can be displayed on the monitor. In the analyze mode the system automatically sets all markers and calculates all the defined parameters.

The RETI-port/scan 21 unit from the Roland Consult Stasche & Finger GmbH includes the stimulator units and the data recording and analyzing system.   

Modell:basicalphaalpha plusbetabeta plusgammagamma plusgamma plus²delta plusdelta plus²
Albino VEP 1 chaneloooooxxxoo
Flash ERG 1 channeloxx-------
Flash ERG 2 channel---xxxxx--
Photopic Negative Resp.---xxxxx--
ON-OFF Resp.---ooxxx--
S-Cone ERG---ooxxx--
Multifocal ERG Po-x-x---x-
Multifocal ERG S------xxox
Multifocal VEPo------xox
Multifocal Scienceo-----xxox
Visual Acuityoooooxxxoo
Glaucoma Screening-ooooxxx--
Contrast Sensitivityoooooooxoo
Scientific Tool Port-----xxx--
Scientific Tool Scan------xx-x
Ganzfeld Q450 C---xx-----
Ganzfeld Q450 SC-----xxx--
MINIganzfeld I8-xxooooo--
BABYflash E130-ooooooo--
2 Channelsxxxxx---x-
4 Channelsoooooxxxox
x Standard
o Option
- N.A.

DiagnosisEOGERGBright Flash ERGPattern ERGFlash VEPPattern VEPSpecial VEPmf VEP
Inherited retinal dystroohies++++
Vascular diseases including diabetes+++
Opaque media or trauma+++
Retrobulbar neuritis+++
Unexplained visual loss++++
Infant with questionable vision+++++
Toxic and nutritional eye disease+++++
Suspected intracranial lesion+++

basic alpha alpha plus beta beta plus
gamma gamma plus gamma plus² delta plus delta plus²

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