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Electrophysiological Test Unit RETIanimal

Especially for examinations of animals, Roland Consult provides their customers with some tools.

The Mouse Table is a heatable examination table for small animals. It is placed in front of a Roland Consult Ganzfeld and has two free moveable electrode holders. After the animal and the electrodes are placed, the table can be slided into the Ganzfeld.

UV-LEDs optional

Wavelength: 360nm
Flash intensity range: up to 0,000005 mWs/m²a
  UVBackground light,up to ,2 mWs/m²
adjustable in steps of 0,000005 mWs/m²
Up to 4,8 mWs/m² adjustable in steps of
0,000005 mWs/m²
Range: Up to 480 mW/m² adjustable in steps of
1 mW/m²

- LEDs for Flash and Backlight: white and 5 different colours

     royal blue: 455 nm,
     blue: 470 nm,
     green 525nm,

     amber 590nm and
     red 625nm

- LED´s for advanced flash and backlight
- Full field globe d=400 mm
- All function full computer controlled, USB connection   
- Flash and Backlight with white LED:

      Intensity Standard flash 3,0 cds/m²;

      interval from                     – 40 dB to +5 dB in steps of 5

      Background                     25 cd/m², 100 cd/m², 450 cd/m²
- ON-OFF Response white Flash Time from

- Flash and Backlight with color LEDs

     Flash intensity from      -45 dB to 0dB in steps of 5 dB

     Background  [cd/m²]:     10, 15, 20, 25, 50

- Option Xenon: Ganzfeld Q450 SCX

     Xenon tube for white High Flash

     Intensities:                           10 cds/m², 30 cds/m², 100 cds/m²
- Integrated infrared camera

Mouse table:     

Size: 20 x 30 cm,
other sizes are possible!     

Heating platform: with warm water connection to keep the animal warm

Operating unit:

- Intel Pentium Core-2-Duo CPU 160GB HDD,1GB RAM
- database backup DVDRW
- Monitor 19” TFT
- Printer Color
- converter     KPCI, analog-digital
- Keyboard, Mouse Standard
- Operating system Windows 7
- Bio signal amplifier 4 channel, digital controlled
- Impedance 2 x 100 MOhm
- Noise <4μV(SS)
- Common mode reaction <110 dB
- Sensitivity 10μV/Div to 20 mV/Div
- High pass 0,02 Hz to 1 kHz
- Low pass 20 Hz to 10 kHz
- Type BF check-voltage 1,5 kV

4-channel Biosignal Amplifier:

Parts     Operating unit           
      4-Channel amplifier with holder
      Monitor stimulator unit
      17” Stimulator monitor, calibrated
      Cross table
      Full-field Q 450
      Power box
  Software     Pattern VEP/ pattern ERG
      Flash VEP, single response + steady state
      different intensities ERG
      ISCEV ERG, color ERG red + blue
      ON-OFF ERG
      EOG fast and Slow
  Accessories     10 EEG Electrodes
      1 Thread electrode, length 254 cm
      1 TEN 20 conductive EEGpaste
      1 Electrode peelNu-Prep

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