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Simultaneous infrared laser monitoring during electrophysiological function testing with Roland RETImap. New for animal and human topography and function in the same time and area.

An ERG, PERG, PVEP or mfERG stimulus (RETIport-scan) and a new confocal Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (920 nm) RC SLO-50 are connected to record ERGs and VEPs projected by a small traditional CRT-stimulus source.

This allows topographic retinal function recordings with the technique of monitor stimulation combined with a laser fundus imaging system. This method is necessary in cases where the retinal position of the stimulus array is not centered onto the fovea, deviates due to fixation problems or for all other cases you want to be sure to stimulate the right area on the retina.


  • integrated in RETIscan
    (Roland’s multifocal electrophysiology system, mfERG, mfVEP, Perimetry)
  • integrated in RETIport (Roland’s traditional electrophysiology system, ERG, VEP)
  • controlling of stimulus positions and eye movements during examination
  • see an eye-movement-profile during examination
  • repeats sequences with eye-movements automatically
  • for humans and animals

Technical Data: Laser Scanning System

Field of View:   30° x 30°
Number of pixel:  512 x 512 Pixel
Digital Image Depth: 12 bit
Frame rate: 16 frames per sec.
Optical Resolution: 23 µm

- Averaging of images
- For investigation of peripheral vision  fixation aid at any spot of retina

xcslo  xfa  xerg


Fluorescein Angiography FA - Module:

 Laser source: Blue: 488 nm

  • Eye tracking and superposition of the reflected images, real time averaging
  • Digital video recording
  • High quality IR digital image cature

    fa human

Multifocal ERG and focal ERG - Module:

Field of View:   30° x 30°
Brightness:  500 cd/m²
Vertical frequency: 60 Hz
Resolution: 800 x 600 Pixel


  • Standard ISCEV-protocols and special focal, mulifocal ERG and VEP protocols
  • Integreted high resolution color stimulator DLP beamer for electroretinography, structure and funktion in one system
  • Overlay of topography and funtion


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