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Product Details

Infrared imaging using an IR laser enables the user to produce a higher quality fundus image in comparison to alternative white light illumination photo systems.  
Invisible light 880 nm – for easy high quality fundus image and many options for standard diagnostic and human and animal research.  

Infrared fundus imaging cSLO
Size of field: 30° x 30° square
Laser source: 880 nm
  Number of pixel: 512 x 512
Frame rate: 8 frames per sec.
  - averaging of images with integrated eye tracking
- for investigation of peripheral vision fixation aid at any spot
  of the retina

Fluorescein angiography  FA
Laser source: 488 nm
Contrast medium: fluorescein with an absorption
maximum of 490 nm
  - production of digital video recordings
  - high quality IR digital image capture


Auto fluorescence AF
Laser source 1: blue: 488 nm
Laser source 2: NIR: 790 nm
- eye tracking and superposition of the reflected images
- real time averaging
- some parameters can be adjusted upon request

GFP- imaging, animal research
Laser source:   488 nm
- superposition of the reflected images,
- real time averaging
- Some parameters can be adjusted upon request

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